Mini mirror carton
24" x 4" x 24"

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Mirror/picture Cartons, Both Large and Small

  • Mini 24" X 4" X 26"
  • Small 37 X 3 X 32
  • Large 42 X 3 X 36

    As the name suggests, mirror/picture cartons are designed for packing mirrors, pictures, glass tops, and any other thin flat item that needs packaging to be protected.

    Assembly and Directions for use

    The first step is to assemble the carton. Both sizes of this carton are telescopic, that is, to say, each has two parts, an inner, and an outer sleeve. These may also be labeled top and bottom. Assemble the inner/bottom sleeve folding on the scores at one end. Completely tape these seams; it adds strength and safety to the carton.

    Next, slip the outer/top sleeve over the assembled section with the scores facing in the opposite direction from the closed end of the inner part. This should give you a carton closed on the bottom, open on the top, ready for filling. The outer sleeve can be moved up to vary the actual length of the completed unit. A very versatile multi- fit carton, don't you think?

    We'll deal with closing this carton once we've finished packing it.

    On with the job! Crumple twelve to fifteen sheets of newsprint in the bottom of the carton, taking care to maximize the bulking capability of the paper. Depending upon the thickness of the pieces to be packed, two or more items can be packed in the same carton with pieces of corrugated material between them to prevent rubbing and other damage. Finer frames should be wrapped with micro foam within the carton. Care should be taken not to put paper or any material between the pieces to be protected and the front or back of the carton. Doing so will defeat the airspace and transmit any outside force on the carton to the pieces inside. Not a good thing!

    Once the pieces have been chosen and placed in the centre of the carton on the pad of crumpled paper, pull the outer sleeve up until the carton is larger than the item(s) within the package. Once again, twelve to fifteen sheets of newsprint should be crumpled over the top and corners of the pieces inside. Fold in the scores on the outer section and tape all seams. Push the carton firmly together and tape the final seam between the two sections. This will give a tight fit that will not shift within the carton.

    Label this carton on both front and back, using a broad chisel point marker, with only the room where you would like the carton placed. Remember it takes extra time for your mover to read the artist's name and when he painted it! Time is money, your money.


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